Showing up "late" in place 4, we think training is the most missunderstood part at all, although one of the most important one. A lot of people do not realize the importance of real good training and how this will be achieved. It is something you just can't introduce in a couple of days, like your hard- and software stuff, walking away, because the job is done.  Its rather directly linked to human resources, the way people see themselve, how they perceive and how they interact within a group.

Therefore, "Getting Started" points out that the efficiency of a new "network" environment is reduced to its basics, when peolple do not know whats going on, what the benefits of the "network" are -for them and the company.

Nevertheless, "Getting Started" made good experience in the past. Motivation, fun learning something, taking part in progress, being a competent accepted member, treating people with respect are keywords:

Depending on the stage of your employees "Getting Started" gives them a hand individually, especially with the so called "stupid questions" they can't solve in training classes with up to 15 people or more. Better some 1:1 training sessions depending on the subject, instead of occupying people for days, not getting really ahead with their needs.

most important advantage for your company